Why we created Nibi.ai?

Nibi is about empowering people to make decisions based on data. We are passionate about data and Nibi is our way to share our passion with the world of business users.

The fact is that in every company only a few individuals with technical knowledge or strong analytical background have real access to data. The others, such as most marketing, support, and sales teams, rely on dashboards or chase analysts to help them figure out how to find what they are looking for. We solve this huge problem by enabling business users to interact with their data in natural language.

Databases and users speak very different languages. Databases require us to communicate with them in a very specific way. You can access your data using some sort of a Structured Query Language (SQL) while most of the people are not familiar with this programing language.

Yeah, dashboards and analysts can bridge the gap but dashboards are hard to understand for most people and the analysts are resources in shortage. Moreover, if you compare to spoken languages, it’s like a world without Google Translate, where the only way you could interact with people who don’t speak your language would be via translators or some sort of a sign language.

Natural Language Interfaces To Databases

Now think about it. Data is key for everyone. Everyone knows it. In a world where new industries are ripe for disruption by young and smart startups, no company can allow itself not to use data in the most efficient way it can. Moreover, making decisions based on data is not a privilege that is secured to the executive team only anymore. Everyone in the organization needs to be data driven for the company to succeed. If you manage a support team, you would like to have the ability to slice and dice your data to make better decisions, faster and more often than ever before. That’s the world that we are living in.

Now, how can people be data-driven if they don’t even have access to it? Is there a way to make people more data-driven without forcing them to learn a new language? Moreover, is there a way to empower people to navigate the data and reach an insight by showing them the way (as opposed to telling them what to do)?

We think that there is a way to empower people to interact with data in a meaningful and intuitive way. This is why we built Nibi.

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