Nibi for data driven culture

Making data accessible via natural language is a powerful AI based NLP engine that translates the natural language to SQL (or other database languages). As most users need guidance, our engine also suggests questions and words completion to the user based on the data at hand. Combining these two core technologies, there are no questions that can’t be answered.

  • Use cases
  • Enable your website visitors get information in natural language
  • Embed our search bar in your internal BI portal
  • Allow your users a full chat environment to interact with your internal data


Users interaction

  • Embed our search bar in your product or BI portal
  • Connect to our NLP to SQL API to build your own stack
  • Leverage our chat interface to streamline all the

Connecting to any data in a secured manner

  • We do on-prem (including private clouds) and off-prem
  • We connect to any type of database. Share with us your connection string
  • Secure and private. We keep your data safe

Learn about your users

  • Advanced user management authentication
  • Capture questions asked by different users
  • Segment your users and learn more about their needs
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