Embed a Natural Language Search In Your Product

Natural language interface to your data

Getting information from your database should be as easy as asking questions in natural language. Connect Nibi to unlock the potential of your data and empower your users to make better decisions in real time


Increase users satisfaction

Get your internal (marketing, sales, support, etc. ) and external users to interact more often with your product and data. Research shows that natural language interface increases interaction by 37%. Take the friction of navigating tedious dashboards or chasing analysts and see how your users’ satisfaction goes through the roof

Guide them through the process

Help your users to navigate your data by using our AI based autocomplete. You will not only provide people with access to data but you will also expose them to every corner of your data universe. Our suggestion engines surface the right questions and reveal hidden places in the data that can be leveraged for more meaningful questions.  

Plug and Play

Works with any type of database – we connect to Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, Google SQL, Amazon Aurora and many more. Moreover, if you want, you can upload your data to us and we will store and make it accessible for you

Fully customized

Embed our widget in your product or internal BI site. We can also provide you with a chat based interface for your convenience.

Key value proposition

  • Allow your users free access to data in their own words
  • Guide your users to fully explore their data
  • Create a data-driven culture in your organization
  • Free your analysts' resources to focus on sophisticated analysis
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